Update from my last post

I must have seamed like a complete mad woman and probably wrote some drivel in my last post. Something happened VERY suddenly at the time. I’m guessing there was an astrological element playing its part within the energy. So here is an explanation…………….

Before we moved here it had been decided and planned, in a rough sort of way, where the chickens were going to live. This meant providing them with a secure run and coop. Free-ranging is the ideal but with so many foxes around this is something that needs careful consideration. Anyway, a new coop and run was purchased and has been sitting in the garage for a few weeks.  Im my head I had been planning where they were going to be placed, how the chicken area was going to develop and then WHAM…..something stopped me dead in my tracks and said ‘NO’. This is when I wrote the last post.

Since then the energy has lightened off a bit but reconsideration was a must.

A new site on the farm has now been found for the run and coop. Avoiding natural watercourses is a tricky one because so many run through the farm. Today, I did some dowsing to understand where they were. I have mapped the field of the water channels and  feel that if we can free-range the chickens this will avoid contamination of the water  because it is quite deep underground. It might mean that we have to have spring/summer/autumn accommodation for the hens and during the winter they are housed elsewhere. This is a process of development but I think we are on the right track and certainly I couldn’t feel any energetic objections to the new site.

So at the beginning of June we put up a brand new run and coop. It only took two whole days to complete and the chickens are enjoying the space.

It wasn’t until the hay was about to be cut when I realised why the original chicken area wasn’t such a good idea….its was ‘slap-bang’ in the middle of a track that the tractor would need to take to safely get hay bales off the fields……………..Thank god I listened !




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